The Heart of Faith Story

As I started to study and search out what my “reason for the hope that is in me” was, I quickly became confused and overwhelmed at the wealth of conflicting views on virtually every topic related to Christianity. Filtering through the myriad of perspectives and weighing each against the revealed character of God, His Spirit, and sound reason to get at the truth was exhausting and several times near-fatal spiritually.
I realized then, if the lamp of truth Jesus lit within me had been nearly snuffed out by the winds of dissension and deception, how would those even weaker than I fare in such merciless tempests? Those sincere seekers who are sinking right now, might be able to use someone who survived these storms before to advise and encourage them. I felt that if I was truly walking in God’s love, then it is not only my honor but my duty to share what I learn in my walk with the Father to help and encourage those also seeking to know Him. With all sincerity and enthusiasm, I decided to put my time, talents and treasures to work for the Lord and a couple of years ago I began this blog and Facebook page intent on doing just that.
Unfortunately, up until now, I would describe the progress of this endeavor at best as consistently inconsistent. Over the course of its life The Heart of Faith has changed names, addresses and even focus at times and for that I humbly apologize. That being said, as I have continued to grow closer to our Savior in my walk with Him, the flame of my original conviction is not waning but instead is being fueled, fanned and refocused.
I have become increasingly convinced that my original purpose to seek the very heart of our Savior and share the wisdom found on that journey with any who would listen is precisely what I should spend my life doing. The Heart of Faith is a personal ministry growing out of this fervent desire, hoping to cut through the fog of confusion and encourage unity in our faith. My ultimate purpose here is to encourage you in hope, to embolden you in your faith, and arouse you to acts of Godly love.
It is my mission here to inspire readers to seek out God for salvation and restoration and to emulate His heart and His character. I want to infect the Kingdom of believers with this spirit of unity and passion for His Truth through this site, so that despite our beautifully varied forms of worship, we might all work together for one purpose, toward one goal, and with one heart to reach the lost and broken of this world for our Messiah.
Thank you for joining me! I pray that whatever you experience here will help fuel your passion for God and strengthen the resolve of your faith in Him. God bless.