My Top Sixteen Irregular Verbs

Below these yellow bums, are images and links to the PDFs of my top sixteen (or so) irregular verbs and their most pertinent conjugations.



Irr. Verbs 01Irr. Verbs 02

Irregular Verbs 01n02 PDF

This chart is my newest design for a condensed irregular verb conjugation chart.

Things to note are:

  • I only listed the tenses in the indicative and subjunctive moods and only in the conjugations used most currently to speak Spanish. The literary conjugates of the Imperfect Subjunctive 2 and Future Subjunctive have been left out as they aren’t commonly used in day to day spoken Spanish.
  • The singular and plural persons are stacked, i.e., the conjugate for the verb’s yo form is directly above the conjugate for its nosotros form, and so on. I feel this layout will enable the correct form to be found more quickly.
  • Unlike some of my other verb charts, I have removed the “Stem” column because I’m showing the full conjugated form in each section instead.
  • In the conjugates and participles section, the letters are colored coded as such:
    • Purple – Normally part of the stem.
    • Red – Irregularities in the stem.
    • Green – Normally part of the ending.

I hope, as always, this info will help fuel you on your Spanish learning journey.

Happy learning and ¡Feliz aprendizaje!


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